Top 5 Classics I Want to Read

Hey guys!

I think I’m gonna start posting more frequently on my Top 5’s. I uploaded a Top 5 Graphic Novels I Want To Read post few months ago & it has really helped me keep track of my most-anticipated graphic novels on my TBR. This is also going to help me categorize my TBR. I know for me, classics can be a little hard to get through BUT they are classics for a reason & I do have quite a few that I want to get to, but I have short-listed them to just 5. Okay, now on with the list:

  1. Shakespeare Mini Book Haul

I basically want to read everything by Shakespeare. I have a Barnes & Noble collectible’s edition that features all of his work so that makes it much easier for me to access his plays/novels etc. I actually read a couple of his plays about 8 years ago & I remember devouring them.

2.   The Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde

narcissus.jpgNot gonna lie, the name ‘Dorian Gray’ just sounds really appealing to me…BUTTT when I read the synopsis, I don’t know why, but I got narcissus vibes from him. For those of you who don’t know, he was a greek mythology character who was very self-absorbed & he fell in love with his own reflection in a river…and this is also where the word narcissistic originates from. Another story I thought this classic is similar to is Christopher Marlowe’s play, Dr. Faustus. I was part of a school play based on this so I have a sentimental attachment to his particular tale.

3.   Jane Eyre by Charlotte BronteJane Eyre.jpg

I have heard nothing but amazing things about this & I have been meaning to read this for quite some time now!

4.   Pride & Prejudice by Jane Austen

I know, I know, how could I have not read Pride & Prejudice yet?! I’ve actually tries reading a couple times and would always end up reading something else would totally forget about it. I know for a fact that I will love this when I give it a chance and hopefully, the next I read this, I won’t stray.

5.    Garith HindsHomer 
I feel like I’m cheating by naming writers instead of specific books but I can’t help it! As a Greek mythology enthusiast, I fervently want to read The Odyssey & The Illiad. These are both pretty long books so its safe to say that I’m a little bit intimidated. And by a little bit I mean a lot…Also, the fact that these were written so many years ago amazes me tremendously. I saw a graphic novel version of The Odyssey by Garith Hinds, too. This seems so interesting!!

What are your guys’ favorite classics? & if you’ve read any of these, I would love to read any feedback you may have!

Happy reading!

-Amna xx


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34 Responses to Top 5 Classics I Want to Read

  1. apassersby says:

    Good collections but these are very classical

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  2. I don’t really read classics but I’m looking forward to trying Pride & Prejudice because it’s so well known that I really would like to have an own opinion about it 😊

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  3. @lynnsbooks says:

    I’ve read Jane Eyre, Dorian Gray and Pride and Prejudice and loved all three so hope you enjoy them too. Jane Eyre is my favourite. Enjoy.
    Lynn 😄

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  4. I need to read these!

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  5. I read Pride and Prejudice in school and wasn’t mature enough to really enjoy it. Many years later I read Pride and Prejudice and Zombies and absolutely loved it.

    Hmmm. That may have had something to do with the zombies. 🙂

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  6. Jane Eyre is definitely worth reading. Such a good book!

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  8. Michael. says:

    Good choices to read, aside from Shakespeare in my view. When short on time, or can’t be bothered I catch these on film where possible. Glad you enjoyed a recent post.


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  9. See if you can take a Shakespearean class as an elective–I read that you’re poli-sci/history major, but if you’ve got any wiggle room on taking an elective, it would be worthwhile. I am a retired English teacher and I loved taking Shakespeare’s Tragedies in college. Also, read Jane Eyre ASAP. Great read–the original underdog-chick heroine. As for Homer, have at it, but a graphic novel would likely be more palatable. Fabulous storytelling either way–And I’m with Michael (comment above) about the films. Check out Amand Assante’s film version of THE ODYSSEY if you want a great film version of the classic story. Love your site!

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    • I’m actually planning to take a Shakespeare in movies class next semester! I was initially an English major but I realized it was not for me, but there are still a couple of classes that have piqued my interest and I definitely wanna take at least some of them. I’ve already ordered Jane Eyre, The Picture of Dorian Gray and Pride & Prejudice that should be delivered by tomorrow. I plan to read Jane Eyre first, definitely.

      I never knew they had films on Homer’s work! I seriously live under a rock…I will be sure to check them out, too. Thanks so much for the wonderful feedback! This is my favorite part about blogging, being able to interact with like-minded people in the comments!


  10. Are you watching the new series on TNT called Will? It just started last week (you could get last week’s two episodes On Demand if interested. It’s about William Shakespeare’s life from the young but married stud that he was when he arrived in England. It has a modern soundtrack and is spot-on so far…

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    • This is actually the first time I’ve heard of this series but honestly it sounds sooo interesting! I’ve heard a lot of things about Shakespeare’s life and they’ve always intrigued me so this sounds like the perfect show to binge-watch! Thanks so much for the recommendation! xx


  11. Awesome list!! Picture of Dorian Gray is amazing- but yes it is very dark and reminiscent of Doctor Faustus!! Shakespeare, Jane Eyre, Austen and Homer are all amazing 😀

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  12. Shivee❤ says:

    Great choice! I have read Jane Eyre and Pride& Prejudice! I with numerous other benefits you’ll thoroughly enjoy reading and you’ll actually become a better writer by reading these kind of books!👍
    Good luck👍

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  13. mitchteemley says:

    Great list. There are a lot of translation choices for Homer, btw. Read a some samples to figure out which one suits you best. Read on!

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  14. I’ve read Jane eyre & Macbeth. I prefer to watch Shakespeare plays, the visuals help me get to grips with the language.

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  15. Good choices! I adore Pride and Prejudice 🙂 I also really liked The Picture of Dorian Gray, but it’s a tougher read, and there’s definitely a lot of narcissism going on… he’s not a particularly likeable character. There are strong echoes of Dr Faustus in it though (and of Goethe’s Faust) so it sounds like you might also enjoy it for that – I also love the Faust story, and particularly Marlowe’s version!

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  16. You’ve got some good ones here, although I’ll recommend seeing at least one Shakespeare play live or at least on DVD. Other than that I like:
    Kim and Puck of Pook’s Hill by Kipling
    A Tale of Two Cities by Dickens
    The Celebrated Jumping Frog of Calaveras County by Twain
    L’Morte D’Arthur by Malory
    Ivanhoe by Sir Walter Scott
    The Last of the Mohicans by Cooper

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