I wonder if I’m going to be the girl who kills herself & as a consequence, ends up changing the life story of her loved ones.

But what about her story? She still died an unhappy person…and that will never change. The future seems bleak and all things dark & scary. And so, I wonder.

I wonder if I’ll don a pretty white dress, text ‘I’m sorry’ to my best friend and jump off a building so high. I wonder if the people I know will finally realise the extent of my depair? I wonder if it would hurt too much. But then I wonder the life I’ll leave behind. I wonder about the ripple effect of my end. And so, I only wonder & never do.


About bookishendeavors

Broke college student who likes to read.
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2 Responses to Obliterate 

  1. Wau, dark. We all just have to keep going forward.


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