Top 5 Graphic Novels I Want To Read

Hey guys!

I have been really getting into graphic novels lately and have been piling a large number of novels up on my TBR list. Now, a couple of reasons for my newfound love for the genre: I initially got interested solely because I wanted to read Thor* comics…being a marvel fan, I really want to read their published work to get an insight into their extended universe. Also, how cool are graphic novels? Like picture books for adults. Sweet!

New to genre? Here’s some pros:

  • Are much faster to read. Being a full-time college student, I don’t have a lot time on my hands, so reading graphic novels is fun and not as time consuming
  • I also feel like reading graphic novels is an excellent way to get into literature. My brother has a really short attention span, but he loves reading graphic novels
  • They read smoothly, are highly engaging and pleasant to look at
  • You don’t even need to be super attentive to understand what’s going. I read Saga online during my classes (probably not the BEST idea), but it works!

Here’s the top 5 graphic novels I want to read, amongst the plethora of other ones that I have an eye on:

  1. The Encyclopedia of Early Earth

Graphic Novels #1

This is a story about exactly what the title says- Early Earth. Before technology or scientific advancements, or even us. The story follows a man from a civilization that existed before ours and how he meets the love of this life, but they can’t be united. Literally. Because the both of them are from opposite poles and are unable to touch each other. I have a feeling this is going to be heart-warming, whimsical & sweet to read, and going to give me lots of feels!

2. Through the Woods

Graphic novels #2.jpg

So, the official description is pretty vague…and I love that about a story! I like it when I have little-to-no knowledge about the storyline. This features 5 horror tales, and I believe they all originate from the same forest(?). From the reviews I’ve read, people have described this as ‘creepy,’ ‘unsettling’ and ‘dark.’ YASS. I also read that the story mostly relies on its illustrations to narrate the tales, which means this would be atmospheric and quick to read. I can’t wait to dive in!

3. Nimona

Graphic novels #3.jpg

Okay, so, OH MY GOD…the plots sounds so unique and amazing! This is a middle-grade, fantasy following our main character, Nimona, who is a side-kick to super-villian, Ballister Blackheart, on a journey to wreak havoc. How interesting is this?! Also, the story has humorous elements, with sarcastic & witty characters. Sounds just about perfect.

4. Habibi

Graphic novel #4

The story follows the life of two refugee slaves, Dodola & Zam, from their early childhood. They’re both in love, but face problems to be with each other. I’m a little skeptical about this story as I have read mostly mixed reviews. Some people claim that the the story is stereotypical  and has an orientalist theme. But there’s also a good chunk of people who think this is a beautiful tale. This book could go either ways, I guess. But I’m excited to read it and see how I like it.

5. Blue is the Warmest Color

Graphic novel #5

Now, I have not seen the movie, and I actually didn’t even know there was a movie prior to finding out about the novel, but I heard its not as explicit as the movie. This is originally a French story, translated into English. It’s a coming of age story about a high school girl, Clementine, who is discovering herself: her sexual orientation and how to deal with first love. I think this is going to be absolutely beautiful, it’s going to be one of those books that you just know you’ll love, & from what I’ve gathered, its tragic-ish. But aren’t tragedies almost always the best type of stories?

I wish I could read all of these at the same time. Ugh. Times like these make me wish I was an immortal supernatural being with God-like qualities. So, I could read and read, and read some more. Anyways, I would love to hear what graphic novels you recommend!

Happy reading!


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  3. Watchmen. Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons. Just sayin’. 🙂

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