How does one stay consistent with his or her moods? If I have an amazing writing idea on the train and feel excited to get back home and write about it, why can’t I find the same fervor when I do get back home? 

Why can’t I stay as positive about my day as I had been when I listened to that one song whilst getting my morning coffee at Starbucks? 

Fluctuating moods are exhausting for the mind – my mind. It’s tired and wants to rest. But bam! Here’s an amazing idea about this near impossible feat! And thing is, when you get a great idea, it’s almost always at an inconvenient time. 

Why am I even thinking about this so late at night? I wish I could control my thought process. But I wonder if that would make me, not-me?

Im tired but Im thinking too hard, too much and too fast. 

PS: This post is so weird, I’m not even gonna try to act like it isn’t. 


About bookishendeavors

Broke college student who likes to read & dream.
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2 Responses to Indecisive 

  1. The mind is a wonderful thing, yet it never works the way we want it to. 🙂

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