The Versatile Blogger Award

Hey guys!

I was nominated for The Versatile Blogger Award by the very kind & lovely Mischenko @ ReadRantRock&Roll. You guy should definitely giver her blog a visit. She posts amazing reviews and recipes, its always such a delight reading her posts. Thank you so much for the nomination!

Okay, now onto the award:


1) Thank the bloggers who nominated you and share their links.
2) Nominate at least 10 bloggers for the award and provide links to their blogs.
3) Also inform them about their nomination.
4) Reveal 7 facts about yourself that your readers may not know.

7 Facts:

  • I’m a teeny tiny bit obsessed with ihop. Guys, what in this world is better than warm, buttery pancakes? Especially when they’re being served to you. I, obviously, love pancakes so I end up making some every other day for my siblings and I. I do enjoy eating homemade but its so much nicer to just sit comfortably in a booth and have them served to you. Also, ihop has one of the best tasting chocolate milkshakes I’ve had. And this is coming from a milkshake enthusiast (is that even a thing?).
  • I have had the same group of friends since I was very young and because of this I have a hard time making friends now that I’m in college. How do you even ‘make friends?????’
  • I stutter when I’m under a lot of attention & I have the potential to be the most awkward person ever
  • I’m planning to chop off more than half of my current hair length (I have waist-length) because I hate having to take care of my out-of-control and unmanageable hair
  • I LOVE rain and I honestly don’t get why so many people hate it
  • I hate rats so much & once I had a dream (or nightmare) that they could climb walls (that’s not even the scariest part) and then One Direction saved me….I don’t even listen to their music…
  • I want to adopt a female kitten so I can name her Khaleesi and yes, I’m being a 100 percent serious.

I feel like this post took a weird, TMI turn but oh well. Here are my nominees:

Rida @ RidaRambles (Shout out to my amazing cousin! If you’re into makeup, look-books and more, her blog is definitely worth the follow!)

Nicola @ ThoughtsOnFantasy

The Orangutan Librarian


Steve @ SteveStillStanding

Azia @ TheUncharteredWord

Sophie @ Sophie’s Corner

Katie @ Read With Katie

Beth @ Reading Every Night

Lynn @ Lynn Books


Amna xx





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Broke college student who likes to read.
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23 Responses to The Versatile Blogger Award

  1. Mischenko says:

    Cool! We have a ton in common. I love iHop, but haven’t been there in years or had their milkshake. I’m hungry now, lol. I love rain too and really want to chop my hair off too. 😉 Nice job on the award!

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  2. Thanks for the nom, Amna! I will do my best to live up to your very worthy nomination (did I just complement you or me then? You’ll never know…)


    Steve 🙂


  3. And I love pancakes, too. Shame I got so sick last time I had them that I swore off them for life.

    But what’s life without pancakes, eh?

    Steve 🙂

    Ps when life gives you pancake mixture, make pancakes.

    That sounded better before I typed it

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    • Hahaha I make pancakes from scratch 😛 Hey, maybe this is the push you need to start eating them again

      & I have definitely been there, I once stopped eating chicken nuggets because I was eating them as I saw a movie trailer with cannibalism…dark times

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  4. Sophie Li says:

    Hi! Thanks for nominating me 🙂
    It was fun to learn more about you. That will be a big change to get half of your hair cut off! You are brave 🙂
    I am also an awkward penguin at times haha. The upside is that I get to look back at what I do/say and have a good laugh about it afterwards 🙂

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  5. Thanks so much for the nomination! Btw I totally agree with you about rain – when it starts to rain it usually immediately puts me in a good mood (I’ve actually been thinking of writing a post about it because in so many books and films etc. it’s a bad/depressing thing, so I feel like rainy weather rarely gets properly appreciated!). Oh, and I also totally understand the making friends thing – I have very close friends from childhood/high school and I found it hard to make new ones at university… I did eventually but it took a while!

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  6. I love rain too!!!! It’s awesome!

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  7. hahaha that would be so great if you got a cat and called her khaleesi!! hehe I only like the rain when I’m inside 😉 Nothing is better than pancakes!! Thank you so much for nominating me!!

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  8. Rida R says:

    Reblogged this on RidaRambles and commented:


  9. cseveneaj says:

    Congratulations!!☺ game of the thrones haha

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  10. Azia says:

    Thanks so much for nominating me! Sorry it took me so long to respond. Your comment was in my spam box, for some reason 😯

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  11. Thanks so much for the nomination, and great facts as well. I have long hair and at one point I cut all of it off because I wanted a change and was tired of maintaining it. Never again. It’s a lot of work but I learnt the hard way I don’t look as good with short hair as I thought I would. Hopefully it’ll be a different story for you! 😀

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