Favorite Feelings

Dear person who is reading this,

Hi, I was at the beach a few days ago and breathing the fresh, salty air made me realize how much I loved that feeling. And so, an idea popped in my head: that I should write down some of the best feelings in the world and share them with you. There’s so much negativity around us & horrible things have a penchant of happening these days, let’s focus on some of the positive now, shall we?


  1. When you properly, no flimsy texts or anything of that sort, talk to a close friend after a very long time and you guys just talk and talk about everything
  2. When you eat something that you had been craving for a while and it tastes better than you had imagined
  3. When you feel the wind blowing your hair as you breathe clean, fresh air and feel it calming you down (like at the beach or near a lake/river etc)
  4. The satisfaction of getting a good grade that you worked hard for
  5. The overwhelming joy when someone says that they believe in you and they mean it
  6. The flavor of hot coffee hitting your taste buds first thing in the morning on a cold, wintry day
  7. Big, warm bear hugs that make you feel loved and safe
  8. The smell of your favorite home cooked meal wafting through the kitchen as you hear your mom humming
  9. When a baby smiles at you
  10. The sound of rain pitter pattering and the feel of it as you walk around aimlessly with good, slightly muted music on that plays in your headphones
  11. When you have tidied up your room
  12. When someone likes the food you made
  13. The simple acknowledgment of your efforts being made

There are so many more but I think I would stop right here. I like to think that its essential to focus on the good things every once in a while and to know in our hearts that not everything is black & white, but has varying shades of gray. And that’s okay.


A Hopeful Thinker xx


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Broke college student who likes to read.
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7 Responses to Favorite Feelings

  1. TeacherofYA says:

    I love everything about this post. Thank you for sharing it. 😊

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  2. I love the feels on this list! Such a great blog post idea 😊

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  3. Too true! Sweet post, thanks!💙

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