There are moments when you really don’t care about someone or something that has happened. You feel it in your bones, that it’s wrong -to not feel. But you can’t help it. You realise that you should feel a certain way about a certain someone or situation. You recognise that this, you being apathetic, is wrong and immoral. And yet, you’re indifferent.

Because isn’t it so much easier to turn off your emotions? To not let people hurt you, to not let people get to you? You have trained yourself as such that you can tune out your feelings. So much so, that its almost become an instinct, a natural way of dealing with the world. You have erected these walls that protect you.

But do they really? Because you’re also human, you can resist for only so long. And then the dam breaks and all these feelings that you try to supress come rushing towards you. They suround you & they drown you.

Feel. Breathe. Accept things as they come. Because even when you think you’re not feeling, you constantly feel this one emotion that will ruin you. Fear. You’re so scared. Scared to pay the price that seems to come with loving someone, caring about someone.

But it’s okay. You’ll be okay. We’ll be okay. What’s not okay is to lose the very thing that makes us human. Empathy. Never let go of that.


About bookishendeavors

Broke college student who likes to read.
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