Top 5 Book-tubers

Hey guys!

Book-Tube is a fast growing & an emerging community on YouTube, and rightfully so! Book-tubers post content that is targeted for readers – ranging from book hauls to recommendations, it is as entertaining as is informative.

Watching YouTube videos, in general, has always been a hobby of mine, but Book-tube is, hands down, the most close-knitted and positive community on YouTube. Here is a list of my Top 5 Book-Tubers:

  1. Regan @ Peruse Project

Peruse Project.png

If you love reading Fantasy & middle-grade, Regan is your go-to Book-tuber! She usually posts spoiler-free reviews, which is, especially, great if you’re unsure about the book. Another thing that I love about her channel is that she’s very mindful of the content she reads and talks about. So, you’ll be able to discover books that are diverse. In addition to book-related things, she posts beauty/outfit related videos! It’s a win-win, people.

2. Jesse @ Jesse The Reader

Jesse the reader.png

If you love YA contemporary, Jesse’s got you covered. In addition to the usual TBRs, hauls & reviews, he posts fun content like 25 Bookish Regrets, for instance. Jesse’s personality is bubbly & cheery, and it’s always a joy watching his videos. Also, he posts frequently, which earns him brownie points in my books.

3. Sanaa @ Ink Bones Books

Ink Bones Books

Nerds unite! From video game reviews to books recommendations, this is an amazing channel to stick around to. I love Sanaa’s content because she’s so inclusive of her other interests as well. She talks about Anime, K-Pop and beauty products! She has an amazing reading taste and is generally very versatile with what she reads. But I’d say she leans more on the Fantasy genre. Her book reviews are so detailed and original. She’s to the point, and gives her unbiased opinion. I can always depend on her reviews for honest thoughts and opinions.

4. Max @ Well Done Books

Well Done Books.png

If you’re into Literary Fiction, but are unsure of it exactly is and where to begin, WellDoneBooks is your BFF. When I started watching Max’s videos, I didn’t even know that Literary Fiction was an actual thing…BUT, Max does an excellent job describing it in one of his videos. He has detailed book reviews and posts his most recent reads often. His channel is your best bet if you want to be introduced to Literary Fiction and get solid book recommendations.

5. Lily @ Lily C Reads

Lilly C Reads.png                                                                                                                                                                                Honestly, ANY Book-tuber list would be incomplete without mentioning Lily. She’s outspoken and is most certainly not afraid to speak what’s on her mind. Trust Lily to give unfiltered book reviews. If you’re someone who doesn’t mind profanities, her channel is worth checking out. Lily is unorthodox and has a personality that is different from your conventional Book-Tubers. Her rant videos are hilarious, my absolute favorite and are such a treat to watch!

These are my Top 5 Book-Tubers, I would love to know who are your favorite Book-Tubers & why!

Happy Reading!


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4 Responses to Top 5 Book-tubers

  1. Saad Aslam says:

    Very informative and professionally done.💂👍


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  3. Run Wright says:

    I follow some of those same Booktubers. I also have a channel if you would like to check it out: Runwright Reads and there is a link on my blog.
    Thanks for visiting and following my blog. I followed yours too.

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