Unfavorite Feelings

Hey guys!

I posted a Favorite Feelings post where I wrote down some of my favorite feelings in the world. Similar to that, I wanted to post some of my most disliked feelings as well. I’m not having the best day ever so it’s also fitting to my current mood. Hopefully, writing this down will help make my day better!

  1. The constant nagging you feel in the back of your mind when you’re procrastinating & worrying about not getting work done so you just avoid it all together
  2. When you disappoint someone who believed in you
  3. When you accidentally hit your pet
  4. When you lie awake at night, not being able to do anything about something you feel strongly about so you’re stuck in the prison of your mind, thinking about it over & over again
  5. When you feel like things will never change
  6. When you realize one your headphones has stopped working
  7. The complete & utter betrayal that entails a best-friend break-up
  8. When you’re physically too far away to hug someone you miss
  9. The feeling of all your responsibilities, commitments and obligations weighing you down
  10. When your eyes are cracked & sore because you didn’t get enough sleep
  11. When you try on a dress that you really liked but it’s very unflattering on you

What are some of your most hated feelings?

-Amna xx


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11 Responses to Unfavorite Feelings

  1. Numbers 1, 5 and 8 are my most unfavorite feelings.

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  2. oh the headphones!!! that happens to me constantly 🙈

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  3. mitchteemley says:

    Being unprepared, and the resulting feeling that I’ll crash and burn if I don’t stop avoiding the work that has to be done. It’s almost enough to make a guy prepare.

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  4. Ugh! I hate it when I do something like step on my dog’s toes. I always hasten to reassure him that I love him, but I never know if he really understands it was by accident.

    And I totally get the dress disappointment. You see it on the hanger, you go to the dressing room with high expectations…and NOPE!

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    • Exactly!! Like if it’s a human, you can explain it to them but with animals there’s no way to be sure that they know you’re sorry! 😦

      Rightttt!! & it’s especially worst you think of it as the perfect dress and stuff


  5. Azia says:

    Oh my god, I feel ALL of these haha. I absolutely hate that nagging feeling when I’m procrastinating. And I always hated it when I accidentally stepped on my kitty’s paws. Music is my everything so when my headphones stop working, I just don’t know what to do with myself LOL.

    Another one of my unfavorite feelings is not having anything to do, or not having a purpose, so you keep doing nothing and you just keep losing patience with yourself. I’m so used to having a schedule that not having one is driving me mad haha

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    • it’s good to know that I’m not the only one who hates these feelings. Also, forgetting my headphones when I’m on a long journey is the freaking worstttt

      Lack of purpose really can really drive one to insanity!

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      • Azia says:

        Oh my goodness, yes. Forgetting your headphones is the worst. Almost painful haha. And forgetting your charger during a long trip is also pretty painful haha

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