You never think that she can get sick. And when she does, the entire house is upside down. It’s the strangest experience. 

The realisation that she’s only human, too. Flesh and bones. Not invincible and unbreakable. The false sense of security that has cocooned you, that has kept you warm & fuzzy. It has made you feel comforted and safe. It has made you think that this, right now -you & your cocoon, is forever. 

But for how long? How long before you’re forced to become a butterfly? 

How do you ever get over the loss of the greatest gift that is your mother? What is the thing that holds you together and gets you going? I hope I never find out. 


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3 Responses to Moms

  1. For me it’s knowing we had 27 years together before she turned into a butterfly and flew away. And also, it helps me knowing that as a butterfly she’s free of pain and happy and floating above all the hurts of a mortal ‘caterpillar’ body.

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  2. TeacherofYA says:

    Powerful. Especially with Mother’s Day coming up.

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  3. To think about my parents being humans who can get sick and who are getting older is horrible. I avoid it as best as I can.

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