Mini Book Haul, Featuring Barnes & Noble Collectible Editions Series

Hey guys!

So, I was at Barnes & Noble, just browsing, doing my own thing, y’know? And I came across these beautiful collectible editions, and I just had to have them! I got:

  • A hardcover Shakespeare book, titled ‘The Complete Works of William Shakespeare’, Price: $18.00
  •  & a small, leather-bound ‘Irish Fairy & Folk Tales’ book, Price: $9.00
  • Yeah, that’s it, I’m broke…

Mini Bok Haul 3.JPG

^You may compare the sizes as seen in the picture above.

Now, I have been wanting to read some Shakespeare from quite some while now, and this edition sounded like a good idea. Here’s some pros & cons:

Mini Book Haul


  • It has literally all of his works & makes it more accessible for me as I can read all of it in one place.
  • It’s also budget-friendly, you really get all your money’s worth with this purchase, If you buy separate books for a specific play, you would end up paying a lot more than $18
  • The book is hard-cover, comes with a gold-ribbon bookmark, the details are so pretty! When closed, the pages of the book have a gold sheen
  • This would make a wonderful addition to your personal library

Mini book haul 2


  • Not travel-friendly, the size of this is huge and it’s heavy, something I wish I had realized before I bought this
  • The font is small – I personally don’t mind reading a smaller font, but if that’s something that bothers you – I would recommend you not buy it

You may buy this here:

The second book I got is a ‘Irish Fairy & Folk Tales’ hardcover, leather-bound book. I just saw this and was immediately intrigued! If you like reading about myths, legends and fairy tales in general, I think this would be a good pick. It features thirteen different tales by varying writers. It’s not something I’d read in one sitting, I read, like, one tale every now & then when I’m eating breakfast on a lazy Sunday, for instance.

Mini Book Haul 5.JPG


  • Travel-friendly, this is the perfect size to carry around with you! You can read this on the bus/train, in-between classes, lunch break etc
  • Price is okay too, this is currently on sale on Barnes & Noble website, so you can get this for $7.18, but this is $8.00 on full price, which isn’t that bad either
  • Gorgeous cover! This also has the same gold sheen with the pages. I think it’s the same case for all the Collectible Editions
  • Stories are quirky, short and pack a good punch!


Mini Book Haul 4


  • Won’t fit perfectly in your bookshelf because of the small size
  • That’s pretty much it

You can buy this here:

Side note: There’s also an edition available that is similar to ‘The Complete Works of William Shakespeare’ which features a lot more stories. I haven’t had a chance to buy it myself, but if you end up loving this short-book, you can always buy the other one too.

So that’s it folks (see what I did there? Hehe), It’s not a lot of books, but I hope you guys found this helpful!

Happy reading!


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